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"Pothier portrays Tatyana convincingly, both as a shy, naive bookwork just emerging from her cocoon of the Larin Estate and as the elegant, self-posessed society lady she becomes at the end. She pairs demonstrative facial expressions and graceful dance movements, suggestive of ballet training, with a mezzo-soprano voice that combines fragility and sweetness."

-Alexandra Sourakov, The Tech

"Jonah and The Whale"
Greater Boston Stage Company

"An already tremendous production ascends even loftier heights thanks to the luminous voice of New York-based actress Sarah Elizabeth Pothier in the role of Jonah’s wife, Susan. Her voice was so perfectly suited to the song “Lullaby” one could easily be convinced in was written with her in mind. She gave me goosebumps. Actual goosebumps!"

-Lisa Sullivan Ballew, Wicked Local

"Pothier has a special glow about her. Her smile, her joy, is radiant, her beautiful soprano voice sweetly soaring in solos and duets with [Taavon] Gamble, such as the stirring 'I Awoke'."

-Sheila Barth, The Revere Journal

Ocean State Theatre

"Thomas Jefferson's wife, Martha, is played by Ocean State favorite Sarah Pothier, who is just radiant here. She makes the most of her brief time on stage, sharing one of the show's highlights, "He Plays the Violin," with Adams and Franklin and demonstrating fabulous and underutilized chemistry with Roger Reed, playing her husband."

-Robert Barossi, BroadwayWorld RI

"Into the Woods"
Ocean State Theatre

"Pothier, who gave a memorable performance in the company's 2014 production of Meet Me in St. Louis, once again shines in the OSTC spotlight. Her multi-faceted portrayal allows for Cinderella to show real depth from curtain to curtain. Pothier skillfully expresses Cinderella's sadness and frustration at home, her still-deep grief over her mother's death, her uncertainty after meeting the prince, her joy at finding her happily ever after, and her resiliency when "ever after" falls apart. In addition, Pothier has a gorgeous singing voice with lovely range and expression. She delivers a chuckle-inducing, pitch-perfect rendition of "On the Steps of the Palace," and her heartfelt interpretation of "No One is Alone" doesn't leave a dry eye in the house."

-Veronica Bruscini, BroadwayWorld RI

"Rhode Island favorite Sarah Pothier’s soprano sparkles in the role of Cinderella, and she looks as beautiful as she sounds."

-Kim Kalunian, WPRO News Talk

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